Ukulollo is Lorenzo Vignando, an Italian Ukulele player from Lucca – Tuscany. in 2009 his arrangment of Ravel’s Bolero for 4 ukuleles, percussions and acoustic bass got thousands of views in in few days on youtube,

bringing him to the ukulele community attention. In this video he plays every instruments on the same stage, like if there were 7 Ukulollos playing together. He use this splitting technic also for his live sets, duetting with himself and other virtual guests projected on a round screen beside him.

Performing in this way he toured the world, from Italy to England, from Spain to France, Belgium and Germany, from Israel to USA, to Australia, to Singapore. His first album is called “Completely Unbroken” with 13 original songs. Special guest are Victoria Vox and Krabbers.

On march 2013 he pubblished his second album. It’s name it’s “Devotion” and its sound is unique. The songs are written by Ukullo for ukuleles and voices, and then dressed up with a contemporary arrangment for flute, clarinet, doublebass, vibraphone and percussions. The wizard who made this possible is Girolamo Deraco, one of the most important contemporary Italian composers around. Even though the ukulele is always the protagonist and all the instruments are stricly acoustic, the sound of the album is really somenthing different.

Ukulollo now tours with Girolamo Deraco (second uke and direction) and the original Opus Ensemble which played in the record. The musicians on stage still interact live with the international virtual guests (Paul Moore, Ukulele Bartt and many others) projected on the round screen.
Ukulollo Devotion tour started in Italy with a great success. The show went to Berlin, and it’ll continue to Prague, and in October will reach the West Coast of USA.

Ukulollo’s videos got several prizes and nominations on the most important ukulele websites like Ukulele Underground and Ukulele hunt.

Ukulollo is an ambassador of Ukulele’s for Peace, the wonderful project run by Paul Moore which gathers together Jewish and Arab Children into a Ukulele orchestra in the state of Israel.
He Plays Ohana Ukuleles with aquila strings. In Berlin the opus Ensemble will use for the first time in the world a revolutionary
acoustic bass: the Aquila ShortBassOne created by Mimmo Peruffo.







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