After You’ve Gone / Judy Garland

After You’ve Gone
Judy Garland

A Bb9 C B Am7 G A7 D9 Bm7 E7

[chordsandlyrics twoPages=”no”][A]After you’ve gone [Bb9] and left me cryin’,
[C]Aft[C/B]er you’ve g[Am7]one [Am7/G] [A7] there’s no denyin’,
[D9]You’ll feel blue, [Bm7-5]you’ll feel [E7]sad,
You’ll [C]miss the d[C/B]earest [Am7]pal that [Am7/G]you have [C]ev -[C/B] er h[C7]ad.
[FM7]There’ll come a time [Bb9] now don’t forget it
Th[C]ere’ll [C/B]come a t[Am7]ime [Am7/G] [A7] when you regret it.
S[Dm]ome [Edim]day [Dm7] when you grow l[Bb9]onely,
Your h[C]eart will [C/B]break like m[E7]ine and you will [Am]want me [Cdim]only,
[C]Af-[C/B]ter you’ve g[Am7]one, [Am7/G] [Dm7] after you’ve g[G]one aw[C]ay.
(Suggested turnaround: C C – C/B – Am7 – Am7/G – Fdim(III) – G )
[FM7]After I’m gone,[Bb9] after we break up,
[C]Af-[C/B]ter I’m [Am7]gone [Am7/G] [A7] you’re gonna wake up;
[D9]You will find [Bm7-5]you were bl[E7]ind
To l[C]et some[C/B]body c[Am7]ome a[Am7/G]long and ch[C]ange [C/B]your m[C7]ind.
[FM7]After the years [Bb9] we’ve been together,
[C]Through j[C/B]oy and t[Am7]ears, [Am7/G] [A7] all kinds of weather,
[Dm]Some [Edim]day [Dm7] blue and down-h[Bb9]earted,
You’ll l[C]ong to [C/B]be with [E7]me again back [Am]where you [Cdim]started,
[C]Af-[C/B]ter I’m g[Am7]one, [Am7/G] [Dm7] after I’m g[G]one aw[C]ay[Fdim][C][/chordsandlyrics]


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